Experts in Internet & Publishing Domain - Inbound feed management, manual process automation and outbound content feed format transformation from ADPS Consulting

Domain Expertise & IP Led Content Process Transformation & Content Feed Management Solutions

Process Transformation Solutions to develop focused IP around your unique content process.  ADPS can undertake focused IP Development to Cut Process Costs, Reduce Delivery Time and Increase Customer Satisfaction by Eliminating Errors & Business Risks.

ADPS Consulting can undertake Process Automation Efforts in following areas

  1.  Inbound Feed Management
    1. Feed Integration – Integration of feeds coming from various sources including those of web services, manual data, emails and XML feeds
    2. Feed Normalization & Error Correction (Quality) to create a golden source data to drive upstream processes
  2. Outbound Feed Management
    1. Feed Transformation to support Data Sales
    2. Syndication Server Process Automation and Management
  3. Portal Data Management & Transformation
    1. Data Transformations and Web Services Support for various Portal Sections

When you sign up for business transformation outsourcing relationships with ADPS, we make sure that our internal focused and context specific research & development creates guaranteed sustainable value for your business.

Our R&D driven engagement model gives you value far beyond traditional in sourcing or outsourcing operational models. Our research and advisory group works as a horizontal resource and proactively undertakes risk, cost & time optimization of your engagements.

The benefits you get are three fold

1. Cost Optimization

Our R&D helps our operational wing to deliver guaranteed incremental cost reduction from your business process. The trick is R&D driven internal optimization of cost via statistical analysis & optimum deployment or manual & test automation components.

2. Process Cycle Time optimization

Our R&D helps our operational wing to deliver guaranteed process cycle time reduction from your process without impacting other business metrics such as delivery risks.

3. Improved Quality and Error Rate Reduction

Our R&D helps our operational wing to deliver guaranteed process error rate reduction by automating error prone process components. Our R&D also builds artificial intelligence to automatically detect and correct errors from your content process and reduce business and customer satisfaction risks.
Some of the areas that set ADPS apart from other vendors are

  1. Domain Expertise in Internet and Publishing Domain

When it comes to Internet and Publishing domain expertise, ADPS has measured the depth and breadth of this universe.  Our consultants are in a position to lead from the front and suggest ways to solve any business & technology challenges in this domain
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  1. IP Led Value Accelerators to Give you real $ Advantage

ADPS in-house IPs of performance audit framework, business continuity test framework, Reusable Test Data, Reusable Test Components can significantly reduce your test cycle times, considerably Increase Portal Performance and Reduce Business Continuity Risks for your Internet Platform. A value far beyond plain cost savings and staff augmentation offered by other technology vendors. 
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  1. Strong Process Model to Ensure Timely and High Quality Delivery

A strong combination of mature test processes, strong program management infrastructure and Quality Management Systems ensure high quality delivery first time and every time
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  1. Advantage of Deep Technology and Tools Expertise

Team ADPS has strong skills & expertise in open-source tools and industry standard tools to support your business process IP development projects.
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