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Application Outsourcing and Software Development and QA Offshoring Industry Handbook

Software Development life cycle and Outsourcing Handbook

Software Development is a specialized service stream. You can find various flavors of services offered by various vendors as well as the type of vendors. Following is the glossary of some of the services and vendor types that are prevalent in the Industry. A light reading to acquaint you with classification and semantics of the Industry

Offshore Software Product Application Development

Your software development life cycle involves various activities and value chain components such as software development and software testing efforts. Practice of executing value chain components within your business project office is referred to an Onshore services while practice of executing some of the components beyond boundaries or your office or even country is referred as Offshore Software Development or Offshore Application or Product Testing efforts.

Outsourced Software Product Development (OPD) Services

Product Development Life cycle involves various stages including those of conceptualization,  market plan & business plan, product requirement specifications, product development , product quality assurance and market test before final launch of the product to market.   An Outsourced Product Development Provider firm can help you with some or all of the value chain components to make your product development better faster and cheaper.

Custom Software Application Outsourcing

There is no doubt that your company can use IT to increase efficiencies and effectiveness or your business.  The software that you can use can be either packaged application software that you purchase off the shelf or it can be  a custom software application development effort that you may undertake by involving a software development outsourcing company.   When you do that, you can get bespoke software development done specifically for your business requirement.

Database Design &  Development

Any software application that requires transactional state to be stored for future usages needs a database.  A Database Design and Development Company can help you with coming out with right architecture and design for your data storage needs.  Usually database design and development is part of a broader software development effort and is not undertaken as an exercise in itself. Nevertheless, there are instances with you may  require performance and scalability consulting  help from a database design vendor for your specific application architecture or need  performance database tuning to take the responsiveness of your Internet or web application to next stage.

Software Product Maintenance Outsourcing

Any software that is built to run your business needs error fix support and ongoing software product customization services to keep it up to date with your market and business needs.  Software maintenance companies   can offer specialized services to your software product or application support requirement.  Make sure that the company you choose understands that software maintenance requires different set of tools and processes to make it work.  Specifically,  a successful product support requires mature SLA based issue tracking and resolution processes, escalation procedures and very skilled and experienced professionals to ensure core product stability during enhancement or  error fix efforts. These processes are a little different from normal business software development efforts and need different management and work culture approach within software development offshore team.

IT Consulting

IT consulting is a generic term used for computer software development, software product supportsoftware application testing services & QA or quality assurance services.

Geography & Custom Software Programming Provider

Globalization,  mature process infrastructure and improved communication links make it easy for distributed programming or software development staff to work together irrespective of where they operate from. For example  using modern communication and collaboration infrastructure your team  software development in UK  can work closely with team software testing in USA  or a software development company in Bangalore India  at the same time.

Tools and processes can make sure that software development company in USA or a software testing company in UK is no different from a software outsourcing company in India.

Outsourced Testing or Quality Assurance Services

Historically application testing has been an in house effort that a development office undertakes along with software programming projects. Lately, there has been a trend of engaging an independent validation and verification (V&V) company  to create an objective QA effort for your project that only an independent quality assurance outsourcing company can offer.  An independent software testing company  ensures that the test results are unbiased and reflect the true state of your product.  Additionally, you get expertise of consultants who are experts in various test tools and test methodologies for your application.

Technology and Outsourcing Company

All companies are not created equal a company that has expertise in LAMP or PHP/MySQL software development  is not guaranteed to have an effective Java J2EE software development services. Similarly a Microsoft .NET and ASP development company may not be good as a Open Source Software Development Provider.  While choosing a company that is right for you, be sure to ask the specific expertise that company has in development business applications in your domain and your technology area.


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