Quality Assurance (QA) Services to help you build error free software - Expert resources and tools for comprehensive application testing that your product requires

Domain Expertise & IP Led Independent Software Testing & QA Outsourcing Services

Software Testing Outsourcing Services from ADPS can help your QA department get advantage of an independent vendor who can provide unbiased testing services for your software products.  Some of the areas where ADPS QA consultants can help are

  1. Providing expert augmented cost effective offshore staff to work along side your inhouse teams
  2. Framework Driven Business Continuity Plan Testing & Reliability Testing
  3. Framework Driven  Scalability, Load and Stress Testing  (Performance Testing)
  4. Functionality Testing
  5. Framework Driven Test Automation
  6. Supportability Testing (Installation and Compatibility Testing)
  7. Usability Testing

With ADPS assistance your software development mission can

  1. Get Access to Highly Evolved Software Testing Processes & Skilled Manpower to augment your in-house QA efforts
  2. Get access to ADPS R&D Led – IP in terms of reusable test components and test data to reduce test development costs & time.

1. Advantage of Deep Technology and Tools Expertise

Team ADPS has strong skills & expertise in open-source test tools and industry standard tools to support your manual testing and test automation efforts.

Tools Expertise Includes

  • Test results management: Rational Test Manager, Quality Center (Test Director)
  • Defect logging and tracking and Analysis: BugZilla, Rational Clearquest, PVCS tracker
  • Load testing: LoadRunner (Mercury), Team Test (Rational), Web Load (RadView), Jmeter/ OpenSTA
  • Regression testing: WinRunner (Mercury), QTP (Mercury), Team Test (Rational), Silk Test (Segue), Test Partner (Compuware), AutomatedQA
  • Test Coverage: Jste, PurifyPlus
  • Debuggin Tools:  Platform specific debugging tools like Eclipse & NetBeans

Following are the additional advantages you get when you deploy ADPS consultants on your projects

Domain Expertise in Internet and Publishing Domain

When it comes to Internet and Publishing domain expertise, ADPS has measured the depth and breadth of this universe.  Our QA consultants are in a position to lead from the front and suggest ways to solve any business & technology challenges in this domain
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IP Led Value Accelerators to Give you real $ Advantage

ADPS in-house IPs of performance audit framework, business continuity test framework, Reusable Test Data, Reusable Test Components can significantly reduce your test cycle times, considerably Increase Portal Performance and Reduce Business Continuity Risks for your Internet Platform. A value far beyond plain cost savings and staff augmentation offered by other technology vendors. 
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2. Strong Process Model to Ensure Timely and High Quality Delivery

A strong combination of mature test processes, strong program management infrastructure and Quality Management Systems ensure high quality delivery first time and every time
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